Attic Ventilation Systems

ATMOX ATTIC Control Sets

At Blue Ribbon Exteriors, we use the industry-leading ATMOX ATTIC Control Sets to improve the air circulation and ventilation in your attic.

Automatic Fan Control

ATMOX ATTIC products feature next-generation technological solutions that automatically switch on the fans only when the surrounding air reaches a certain preset temperature. This way, the system saves energy and resources and reduces your electricity bill while at the same time ensuring optimal temperature and humidity

By the same token, the system automatically switches the fans off when the temperature is lower or the surrounding air is dry enough.

Climate Sensors

What’s more, the ATMOX ATTIC system comes with inside and outside climate sensors. These allow it to detect the temperature and humidity level both indoors and outdoors.

Power Supply

The sensors, control set, and power supply for the fans all run from a single electrical outlet, which allows for a simpler and quicker installation process and hassle-free maintenance. The fans receive power through a low-voltage cable that is directly attached to the control set and the main power supply outlet.

Why Should You Invest in an Attic Ventilation System?

The attic may be the least-frequented space in your house, but its health and structural integrity have a direct impact on those of your roofing system and even the rest of the house.

High humidity is a common problem in attic spaces, as homeowners tend to keep them shut off and unaired year-round. If high humidity persists over long periods, it can and often does lead to mold and fungi growth, corrosion, rotting, and other structural issues that can creep upward to your roofing system or downward to the rest of the house.

Sooner or later, that results in costly and time-consuming repairs — and our roofing experts at Blue Ribbon Exteriors have done quite a few of these types of roofing works over the years.

The best way to prevent all that is to invest in a high-quality attic ventilation system such as the ATMOX ATTIC Control Sets.


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Blue Ribbon Exteriors Attic Ventilation Systems

To learn more about our attic ventilation systems, call us at  (720)-227-9330 or fill in
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your specific needs, concerns, and budgeting constraints with our experts.

After your consultation, we will also provide you with a free estimate with the full
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Our initial consultation is entirely obligation-free. However, whether you choose to
hire us or not, do not leave your attic at the mercy of the elements. Many
homeowners ignore their attics and focus on the roof and exterior of their property
instead. Eventually, they end up having to pay for complex attic repairs that could
have been easily prevented.


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